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US Navy, Admiral, Vice Chief of Naval Operations - VCNO

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Bill Lescher is a native of Highland Park, Illinois. He holds systems and aeronautical engineering degrees from the Naval Academy and Naval Postgraduate School, respectively, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Harvard Business School.

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Theories of Force Projection
November 21, 2022

Theories of Force Projection During the First World War

During World War I, theories of force projection were a major topic of debate. Some of the theories included in this article are Root’s theory of force projection, Mahan’s theory of force projection, and the American denunciation of military power projection. Essay on expeditionary power projection Using naval and land forces for long-distance deterrence is […]

November 1, 2022

The Mayflower 400-The First Intelligent Ship to Navigate the Ocean

To navigate, the Mayflower 400 uses automation software, Watson, and computer vision. The ship has more than 50 sensors to make it able to navigate in the ocean. This technology offers the Mayflower 400 several advantages, including speed and safety. The onboard AI Captain, Watson, uses Watson and computer vision to navigate the vessel. Mayflower […]

October 19, 2022

Reviving the Revolutionary War Naval History

Reviving the naval history of the Revolution is one way of learning about the period’s naval activities. This article will explore the French Navy under the tutelage of the “Sun King,” pirates, ships of lesser importance, and Anarchy on board French ships. You’ll also learn about the naval activities of the French government during this […]

October 4, 2022

U.S. Navy Research and Exploration

The U.S. Navy has a long history of research and exploration. For example, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was a naval aviator during the Korean War. Navy personnel are also involved in the space program, from the underwater demolition team to researchers and engineers. R/V Neil Armstrong The R/V Neil […]

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